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Rustic Signs Painting: All You Need to Know


Having a good time creating rustic signs painting with your friends in our paint party studio. Learn more about our paint and art parties in Canton, Ohio. Contact us now and book your first paint party with us.

Rustic Signs Painting Make Your Own Custom Signs Private Paint Parties

What is provided in the price?

One booking includes everything you need to make your masterpiece: apron, brushes, paint, and wood. We do not sell or provide any drinks or food, but you are more than welcome to bring whatever you want to make it an enjoyable time.

Can I bring a non-painting friend, child, or spouse?

Due to space and the comfort of others, we ask that only people who have paid for a painting attend the class.

Do I have to paint what everyone else is painting? How do I know what I can choose from?

We have a vast catalog on Pinterest or scroll our Facebook page for inspiration. When booking classes, let us know what you want to do. If we need to clarify, we will email or text you.

Are all projects $45?

We have several options for $45. Quotes longer than ten words, custom designs, and larger board sizes are an extra fee. Please text or message us for pricing.

Can I take my stencil home?

We do not allow any stencils or materials to leave the shop. We reuse stencils when we're able to, which helps us enable everyone to do different designs each night.

What size is the sign?

We have two standard sizes: approximately 24x17 inches and 22x22 inches. We do offer other formats but are charged at an increased price. Please message for pricing. We are very flexible when it comes to sizes, if you need a custom size not seen, please message us and do our best to accommodate. We've also added some other products to our catalog, so check our Pinterest page or Facebook page for info.

Sign Sizes and Prices for Rustic Signs Painting